How to hide the link to the CORS proxy in Google News

If you’re reading this article from Google News, you’re probably already familiar with the way Google News hides the Cors proxy from users.

It’s a feature that was introduced in 2016, but has been enabled by default for a while now.

You can turn it off on Google News by following these instructions: Go to Settings > Advanced > Content Settings.

Under “Advanced” under “General Settings” you can turn on “Do not display the COR proxy in the title” or “Show the COS proxy in all headlines.”

That way you can avoid accidentally seeing the COO or the COSS.

However, Google has now introduced a new feature that will prevent CORS from hiding the proxy from Google users on Google search results pages.

Here’s how to turn it on: Head to Google News Settings > Search Results.

Under the “Google search results” section, click on “Advanced settings” and then “Enable CORS.”

Then click on the “CORS proxy” checkbox in the upper right corner of the Settings.