What do you do when your ISP doesn’t like the DNS you use? You can now try to get a free proxy server from a local ISP!

A new free proxy service will let you access the internet using a local IP address, but that IP address may not be the same as the one your ISP assigns to your home.

This means your ISP will not be able to block your IP address or set a static IP address for your web traffic, as they can with traditional proxies. 

You can find out if your ISP is blocking you with this simple DNS lookup. 

The service, which is hosted on a new platform called Skype Proxy, allows you to choose from a list of ISPs that you can try out.

There’s also a few free VPNs to choose for this service as well.

You can also sign up for a $1/month plan to give your ISP access to your entire Internet connection. 

If you have trouble with your ISP, you can check out our guide on how to change your ISP.

If you’re interested in getting your ISP to change their IP address so you can get an extra-fast connection, you’ll have to sign up with a proxy service and use their IP-masked proxy. 

I used a free service from SkypesProxy to connect to the internet in December. 

Now, with Skype Proxy on my Skypify account, I can go ahead and connect to the same websites I do every day.

I can even browse the same news articles, search for the same search terms, and browse the news site without worrying about the slow connection.

The only thing I can’t access is the video library that’s always on Netflix. 

Skype proxy is one of the best things to happen to internet freedom in 2017, as ISPs increasingly block sites that don’t like their content, and you can use it to access content that you would normally be blocked from. 

Hopefully you’ll find SkypeProxy useful as you try to find ways to use a free VPN to get online.