Free proxy browser is coming, according to industry experts

The free proxy browser will be coming to browsers soon, according a report from the Web Consortium.

The report said that Mozilla’s Firefox browser will include the proxy browser, a browser that is designed to hide web content from Internet users by encrypting it with a unique number.

It will be used to bypass Web censorship and privacy controls, the report said.

Mozilla has yet to provide any details about the proxy browsers that will be included in Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

The report said the proxy is designed for use with both Windows and Linux platforms.

Google’s Chrome will include a free proxy, while Mozilla’s Chrome browser will have no proxy.

Firefox, however, will have a paid proxy, according the report.

Microsoft, the dominant browser maker, has made it clear that it does not plan to include proxy software in its operating system.

Instead, Microsoft plans to provide browsers that have privacy and security features, such as the ability to block or remove content.