How the ‘By Proxy’ campaign helped Paige nude football star to ‘go viral’

By proxy Paige Jenner was just as surprised when the world got to know her.

The 21-year-old athlete was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and ESPN, in the pages of PEOPLE and People, as the face of a “sexual revolution” across sports.

The cover story, by ESPN senior sportswriter Mark D’Agostini, was an attempt to celebrate the positive influence Paige had on people.

It was an interesting cover story.

I thought the idea of a woman, as a sportswoman, going viral was really interesting, she told The Sport.

It is definitely the opposite of the way things were done in the ’90s and ’00s.

When I was a teenager, we were on the cutting edge of women’s sports.

I remember the first time I went to the National Football League (NFL) and saw the jerseys, the NFL jerseys were on sale.

I was like, oh my God, what is that?

It was a very different experience to how it was then, and the only thing I know is that my parents, my friends, my mom, my brother were in the stands, the people that were watching, and they were very proud of me.

I’m just so grateful that I got to have a lot of people to celebrate me and be proud of who I am.

In her introduction to the cover, D’AGOSTINI described Paige’s success as the culmination of a career that had started with “a little bit of a hiccup” after she broke her neck in a car accident.

Paige had to relearn how to play the game and had to get her confidence back, Dagostini said.

But it was also a “courageous” and “unstoppable” journey that culminated in her being the first athlete to be crowned the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year in 2020.

It’s very cool, she said.

Paige is a really smart athlete.

She’s very athletic, she’s very strong.

She has great vision.

She can make plays in the air.

And she can dribble, too.

It made me so proud, she explained.

It was just an amazing journey.

It kind of just brought out the best in her, and I think that’s what it’s been.

She just has a lot to offer the world, the world is always asking, and Paige’s just bringing out the world’s best in so many different ways.

Dagostino added that the success of the cover story was a “great way” to get people talking about Paige’s career.

“I think the success was kind of the perfect way to do that, because people were just waiting to hear her story,” Dagastini said in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

“The success was a way to make sure that everybody who saw her was aware of the fact that it’s a positive story and it’s an incredible story.”

Paige’s success wasn’t limited to being on the front of the magazine, either.

She was on “SportsCenter,” the CBS sports talk show, on June 1.

She also shared an interview in which she told the story of her time as a model.

Paiglia is the latest in a long line of athletes to have their images taken down, including Caitlyn Jenner and the former UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

But for Paige, the “By Proxy” campaign is different.

She said it was a personal project to honor her family, and that it had nothing to do with her career.

She added that it was just to celebrate and be a part of something positive.

In a statement, the Dagsins said: “She is an inspiring athlete who has been honored by the media for her accomplishments and our team is excited about her coming forward to share her story.

We hope that she can share her journey and her passion with the world.”