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Billionaire venture capitalist and entrepreneur Yify CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched an all-inclusive premium video-streaming service called Yify Proxy, which allows people to rent out their homes and apartments and watch online video content from any device on the internet, a feature that was announced Tuesday.

Yify Proxy is a service that will allow people to stream video from anywhere, including computers, smartphones and TVs, according to a Yify spokesman.

Users can rent out homes, apartments and other locations and rent out video services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Twitch for $14.99 a month, according the spokesman.

Users can also rent out computers and TVs for $19.99 per month, he said.YIFY Proxy is not available for purchase yet, the spokesman said.

The service has not yet been fully tested.

The company has been in talks with Netflix for the service for several months, Zuckerberg said.

Netflix has agreed to pay for security upgrades for YIFYProxy, Zuckerberg told investors in February.

Yiyin’s revenue will more than double to $7 billion this year from $4.7 billion last year, he told analysts.

He said Yiyin was aiming for $15 billion in revenue this year and $17 billion in 2017.