How to block’s IP blacklist

TorrentFreak has a handy tool to find IP address list.

It’s a simple Google Map-like tool that shows all thepirated sites in one place.

ThepirateBay has a list of more than 2,000 websites, and TorrentFreaks can filter it by the IP address of the site itself, as well as all of the other domains associated with the same IP address.

TorrentFreak also has a tool to detect if a site is hosted by a company known as

This can help you determine if you’re likely to be blocked from other sites and/or from downloading or sharing content.

Thepiracy is one of the biggest copyright trolling operations, with millions of people posting hundreds of thousands of pirated files.

ThePirateBay and other sites are notorious for being a magnet for copyright infringement and other illicit activity.

Many people use, for example, to find pirated movies.

And, in many cases, torrenting services provide legitimate, legal downloads for movies.