Napoli fans face suspension

Via Football Italie:It’s the start of the new season and the home of Napoli is having a bit of a problem.

A few thousand people have turned up to watch their team in a game against Bologna on Saturday night.

The game took place in a field in the Piazza San Paolo, a little bit outside the city of Bolognese.

The field was being used as a temporary home for the club during their preseason.

The fans have been protesting against the team’s stance against the use of burp proxies.

Bolognesse has been known to ban burp users and some supporters have been accused of using them illegally.

Napoli players, players and coaches have been involved in a number of incidents, which the club has responded to by banning burp usage from the PIAzza San Piazzano.

But some Napoli supporters have decided to use proxy services like to access their club’s online game.

Napoleons fans can sign up for the service and then follow instructions on how to use it.

“The fans have asked us to take the ban in line with the club’s stance on the use and misuse of proxies,” Napoli’s football operations director Federico Pazelli told L’Equipe.

“When we asked them to sign up to the service, we were told by the company to do so.

It is not illegal.”

The ban is in response to the Burp scandal, which has seen some Napoleonic fans use proxies to watch matches.

Napolese supporters were given the opportunity to opt out of the service by signing a new agreement with Burp in the coming days.

Napoli are in Bolognico on Monday.