How to Disable Facebook Proxy to Prevent Your Web Traffic From Being Spoofed by ProxySwitchyomea

Facebook is known for its privacy policy and anti-spam tools.

But the company also has a tool for blocking certain types of malicious web traffic.

If you’re an Android user and you don’t want Facebook to send you any messages while you’re on the go, here’s how to turn off the Facebook Proxy Switchyomeas privacy policy.1.

Go to Settings.

In the upper right, tap on Privacy, then tap on Turn Off Facebook.

Tap on Privacy again.2.

Under Privacy Settings, tap the box next to the “Blocking” option.3.

Tap the check box next under Facebook.4.

Tap “OK.”5.

You’re done.

If your Facebook app isn’t working properly, here are a few things you can try.

If Facebook isn’t showing up, tap “Report this issue” under the Facebook privacy settings.

You can also visit the Facebook Help Center for more help on how to make sure your app is running correctly.