Facebook, Google announce a new version of their popular proxy browser

Google’s free and open source proxy browser and mobile apps have been under fire for a few months, but now they’re finally getting a major overhaul that should make them easier to use and better for web users.

Google’s new proxy browser is now available as a paid upgrade on the Google Play store.

It’s available in all major browsers except Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Google says that the new version includes a lot of new features, including:Support for multiple browsers at once. 

Improved integration with Google’s social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Support for video calling, including in Chrome for phones and tablets. 

Enhanced privacy and security settings, including improved support for encryption and fingerprinting.

The changes are described in a blog post by Google.

The new version is available for free on the Play Store and will cost $0.99 a month to upgrade to the paid version.

The upgrade will be available to everyone who owns a Google account at the time of this post.

The change is similar to Google’s upcoming Firefox update that will make its way to Android devices.

For those who want to take advantage of the new features without paying for a paid version, Google says that it also has plans to offer a separate Google Play extension that lets you “use Google Chrome and Firefox to install and manage Google proxy apps.”

Google also says that “Google will continue to add new features and new functionality.”