Why does a CIA agent have a new Twitter account?

The CIA’s diplomatic mission to Venezuela has an official Twitter account and has a new account that is not linked to any other agency.

The account @ColinKemp (@ColinJKemp) has been active since last month, and it has about 1,600 followers.

The CIA says the account is the official @CIA Twitter account, but some have suggested it is the CIA-linked @Colintypop, the unofficial @CIA twitter account.

The new account is not a new thing for the CIA, but it has the same name as the official account, which was created in 2015.

This account was the first to use Twitter for tweeting during the election.

The CIA has been criticized for the Trump administration’s actions against Venezuela.

Earlier this year, the agency reportedly tried to force the resignation of the country’s president.

The agency reportedly was involved in a coup attempt that failed in the end, but the US has not been able to put down the insurgency.