The Pirate Bay proxy server is down for a week

The Pirate Bloc’s proxy server, which has been the subject of a major hack for weeks, is down indefinitely.

The PirateBay team is currently looking for solutions to address the problem, but they aren’t the only ones who are having problems with the proxy server.

Several major VPN providers, including Comodo, have reported that their proxies are experiencing problems with, an internal

The VPN service provider told Business Insider that their server is now down and the company is working with the Pirate BloC to restore it.

This comes after the PirateBloC claimed that its proxy servers were compromised earlier this week, which led to a significant downtime for many VPN providers.

The problem for the Piratebloc servers is that they are located in the Netherlands, where Dutch law is very strict and the country has a strict anti-piracy law.

This means that it is very difficult for VPNs to use the proxy servers.

TorrentFreak has contacted the Pirate bloc for a comment and will update this post if we hear back.

We have reached out to the Pirate company for comment and are awaiting an official statement.

The company told Business Insider that the Pirate site has not been hacked.

It said that “PirateBloCA is in contact with the Dutch government to determine the causes of the outage.”

The PirateBlocha service is still up and running, however, the PirateBoat proxy is down as well.

The site is now displaying the following message: “The PirateBlotter is down, but you can still access our Torrent Tracker.”

This message is the result of a bug in the proxy system, which caused a server crash and caused PirateBloat to fail to send out new torrents.

TorrentBloat is currently in the process of rebuilding the proxy, but this process has already begun.

The current PirateBlob server outage means that some of the most popular VPN services are temporarily unavailable.

Torrentbloat and PiratebloBoat both say that they plan to resume services once the problems are fixed.

We are still waiting for official confirmation from PirateBlokc as to why the Pirate Bay is down.

The website for PirateBloop has been offline for a while now.

Torrents are still showing up in the Torrent Tracker, but the Piratebay proxy is currently down.

TorrentBoat, the official Pirate Bloat server, is currently experiencing problems.

We’re still waiting on official word on the status of the PirateBay proxy.