Australian police ask users to verify ‘zombie’ account information after fake account was used to steal tens of thousands of dollars

Australian police have been asked to ask users if they have any details of an account that has been used to illegally take tens of millions of dollars from users, The ABC has learned.

Key points:Zombie account used to buy tens of billions of dollarsThe police have also asked Australians to verify that they are the owners of the account.

Zombie accounts are used to transfer funds from one account to another.

The account was linked to the Australian dollar exchange rate, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.

It’s not known if the account was the one used to purchase the money.

Police say the account could have been used by a criminal or fraudster to commit a “significant” crime.

Police are asking Australians to provide details about the account to police.

“The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are seeking the identity and address of the owner of the fraudulent account to assist with the investigation,” the AFP said in a statement.

The Australian Crime Commission said it had also been asked by police to “seek information from the public about the identities and addresses of any persons or entities identified as the owner” of the bogus account.

The ABC has obtained a copy of the “Zombie” account, which has since been shut down.

“This is the only account we have that has received that kind of scrutiny,” a spokesman for the ABC said.

“It’s really very important for people to make sure they’re who they say they are and that they have full control of their money.”

“If anyone has any information about the identity of the fake account owner or if they’re the owner, please contact police.”

A number of other accounts linked to that account have been shuttered.

The spokesman for ASIC said the AFP had been contacted by police in relation to the fake accounts.

“An AFP member has been notified that the AFP is aware of a suspicious transaction involving an Australian Dollar Exchange Rate Account,” he said.ABC News understands the AFP has also been contacted about another account, believed to be linked to a similar fraudulent account, used to fund the attack on the ABC News website.

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