How to stop Facebook from censoring your friends

Facebook’s censoring and blocking of content has long been a source of frustration among tech companies and even some users.

Now, it’s getting even worse.

On Thursday, Facebook announced it would allow users to ban friends or family from a section of its site called the Friends & Family section, a feature that allows you to block users with friends or blocked friends, or even family members with whom you’re online.

The feature, which was previously available to only users in the U.S. and Canada, is only available for U.K. users.

Facebook says it’s working on adding more privacy options to the feature, but that the changes are still far from complete.

Users who want to stop or block a specific friend or family member will have to create a new account and link that account to a Facebook profile, which Facebook says is a safer way to keep your information private.

Users can also change who they want to be blocked, but it’s unclear how Facebook will differentiate between friends who are blocked from friends who aren’t blocked, or between blocked and non-blocked accounts.

In a blog post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “we’re working on a solution that protects everyone’s privacy while also giving you control over how you share content.”

Facebook also says that it will continue to allow users who want the option to block a family member, friend, or colleague, but will not do so in the Friends section.

While some people have complained about the feature since its launch, the company says it will keep blocking content that violates its terms of service, which means it will still block content that some users might find objectionable.

Zuckerberg wrote that the change will allow users with more than one Facebook account to block people who use more than two accounts, though Facebook says it does not block users from multiple accounts.

Users will still be able to view blocked accounts, but Facebook says they will be flagged as spam and the company will remove them.